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Notes on the process


   Thank you for your interest in Dan's work! Please read the information below and then fill out the submission form under the contact link. Thank you for your patience, we will respond as soon as possible. Due to a heavy travelling schedule this may be a few days. We really appreciate you considering us for your next tattoo!

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All Dan's work is Original  


Dan will not copy other tattoo artist’s work. He works to create an original piece of art that will be unique to you. You may provide concept and reference images if you feel that they will be helpful in conveying your ideas. If you are looking for ideas for your next tattoo, please do not search for "", let's draw inspiration from an original source. Instead just google the keyword and look at images from photos, paintings etc.



Consultations can sometimes be done via email but I prefer to meet in person when possible. A consultation usually takes 30-45 min. We will discuss your ideas thoroughly, take photos of the area to be tattooed and make a "map" tracing of the space. Sometimes a rough sketch is made at this time, finished art will be made closer to the time of your appointment. I photoshop the art onto the pictures we take of you so you can visualize the overal placement. A deposit is required at the time of the consultation, see below.



Dan works very quickly and efficiently at a per hour rate. A general quote can be given at the time of the consultation. We can work in sessions to accomodate your budget/endurance threshold.  There is a 1 hour minimum on all tattoos and appointments.

All appointments require a deposit, please see below.

Deposit / Cancellation


A $200. deposit is required at the time of your initial consultation. This is not a fee, the deposit will be applied towards your last session and is nonrefundable. This is to both hold your appointment and to cover the time and energy put in to preparing your image. If you need to cancel, with a 48 hour notice, I will reschedule you as soon as possible and your deposit will remain intact. If you are a no show, cancel the day of or are more than 1 hour late, your deposit will be lost and a new deposit will be required.


*Appointments at out of town shops and Conventions- There are no refunds for deposits for any reason. My time is extremely limited when travelling so any cancellations or lateness is extremely costly.


Thank you!
I look forward to creating a piece of art for you that you will love for a lifetime!




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